Can I sell my home and rent back?

Can I sell my home and rent back?

sell my house rent it back

Well to get right to the point. Yes, Possibly. Here’s why. Selling a home cash is a viable option for some homeowners for various reasons: No inspections, showing the home, closing date is sooner the home is damaged or ugly. Most investors need to purchase at a discount in order to add equity to the home in order to resell it to make a profit. When you sell your home and rent it back, it doesn’t allow the investor to do that, rather is a buy and hold and he needs the funds as a cash flow.

But many times it can make sense to rent back:

Advantages to Selling and Renting Back


Never leave your home

Cash on hand

Allows more time after closing

We Buy Broward can purchase your home and rent it back to you if this best fits the viable options you have available to you. Get in contact to see if this can work for you.

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