Distressed Pompano Beach Tri-Plex Closed

Distressed Pompano Beach Tri-Plex Closed


When a Pompano Beach homeowner needed to sell his property on 1st Court, there was a problem. Actually, there were several problems. The triplex was in distressed condition. Furthermore, the home was in the first phase of foreclosure. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping the nation, hindering or halting many real estate deals. Topping it all off, the homeowner was in desperate need of selling and selling quickly.

“We are experts at working within stormy times,” a representative of We Buy Broward, a South Florida home buying company, commented. “No matter the condition of the home or any other complication that arises, we can buy any home in the area and we can do it quickly. After all, that’s what we do. It’s out specialty.”

In the case of the property on 1st Court in Pompano, $75,000 was owed on it. We Buy Broward stepped in, worked with the attorneys, paid the bank off and paid the homeowner as well. They did so in a timely manner and the owner was ecstatic.

WBB Helps thru it all

We Buy Broward has been hailed for being a bright light in dark times, not only amidst the Coronavirus epidemic, but also during times when trust in the home buying industry is often sketchy. Businesses that purchase homes from owners who are in dire need have a bad reputation for paying far too little for the property.

“At We Buy Broward, we’ve been saving the day for distressed homeowners for decades,” the WBB spokesperson explained. “Just as we did with the home on 1st Court in Pompano, we are able to give a fair price in record timing. We operate on a strict code of conduct and thrive on doing business with the utmost integrity. That’s what sets us apart from the rest and we take great pride in that.”

If you are looking to sell your South Florida home, no matter how desperate or complicated the case may be, We Buy Broward can help. Contact WBB for more information.

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