How much is your Florida house worth?

How much is your Florida house worth?

how much is your house worth

How much is your house worth is the million dollar question. Well in most cases hundreds of thousands of dollars. This question can be very difficult to answer, there can be several factors that can determine what your house is worth. Since We Buy Broward is a Florida real estate investor we will focus on the cash value of homes.

  1. Comparables
    The best way to determine price is what is the price others have paid for a similar item. if your house is a 3/2 with 2,000 sq ft. It is very unlikely that it is worth the same of a 4/3 with a pool and a garage. Its best to be realistic and compare apples to apples, so same number of beds, baths and sq footage.
  2. Property Condition
    Another factor is property condition, unlike a bank sale you will not need a bank inspection and appraisal. Cash deals depends on how much work your home needs in order to determine how much the end buyer will need put in to bring it up to market value.
  3. How fast are you looking to sell
    Obviously market dictates price but if you can wait a longer time to sell your home the more you can probably get, you can take offers and really think things thru. But the quicker you need to sell you are limited in the offers you can receive thus making the offers less and you will be dependent on how quickly a investor can come with cash.

Your best bet to find out how much your home is worth is to call the experts We Buy Broward can give you a 10 minute home estimate.

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