How to sell a house without a realtor

How to sell a house without a realtor


Investing in the owning of houses is one of the biggest investments people tend to get involved in. And the process of achieving this could mean getting a realtor who would serve as an agent connecting buyers to the owner of the house. Oftentimes, when a person wishes to sell his or her house, the standard practice is to find a realtor. And this is mainly because some people do not have the time or the patience to deal with the process, while for some others, when the listing price is low, the potential savings might not be worth the time and effort necessary to sell the house without a realtor.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that if anyone is planning on selling a house, it is important, that person try to consider the great savings that can be derived from the selling of the house by oneself. All that may be required is for one to have an idea about real estate, and put forth the effort to do a good job. Am assured that one can save a great amount of money by selling the house.

No Realtor, No Problem

More so, the benefits to selling a house without a realtor cannot be overemphasized. Removing the realtor and selling your home yourself, can guarantee you gaining more money in your pocket. It just takes a little marketing know-how and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit.

Surely, it is imperative you know how to sell a house without a realtor. And with the prices of real estate market falling so fast, house owners nowadays are looking forward to making much profit from the sale of their houses. Knowing how to sell a house without a realtor can be achieved by following these steps.

First, you will have to prepare your house for showings and open house events. This might require you to deep-clean the house, including scrubbing the kitchen counters and the appliances, shampooing the carpets and so on. The essence is to have a house that is clean and stripped bare of most personal items.

After preparing your house for sale, you can then get a price to sell the house. It is important you price the house competitively. You may want to use the Internet to get an idea of selling prices for comparable houses in your neighborhood, and then price your house accordingly. Note that the goal of this process is to sell the house.

After price has been set, you might need to write a few lines about your home to help entice buyers through the door. You may be tempted to write a detailed account of how wonderful it is, with examples of your interior design skills and so on. This tend to draw the attention of buyers.

In Conclusion

After the above have been done, the next thing to do will be to market the house. Marketing here can be in the area of advertising which in turn can be achieved by putting up “for sale” signs, creating brochures and building a web site to market the house.

Furthermore, you can engage in negotiations. This may take the form of a contract that is submitted to the seller. The seller in turn can either accept the offer, or revise the contract and submit it back to the buyer. This process continues until both parties come to an agreement.

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