Lighthouse Point Home, No Problem for We Buy Broward

Lighthouse Point Home, No Problem for We Buy Broward

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The CoronaVirus pandemic recently brought much of the nation’s businesses to a screeching halt. Many people found themselves in an urgent predicament – like the homeowner at 5131 NE 31st Street in Lighthouse Point, Florida who not only needed to sell his home, they needed to sell it FAST.

Even During a Pandemic We Get It Done

The homeowner was already in a circumstance that warranted the need to sell his home even prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, he had a contract with the billion-dollar real estate mogul, Zillow. But, just when he was totally dependent on the sale, the contract was cancelled due to the pandemic, leaving him in a desperate situation. That is when he turned to We Buy Broward.

WBB understood that buying and selling real estate is a crucial need – even during a virus pandemic. In fact, the State of Florida agreed, deeming the real estate industry an essential business which would be allowed to operate (under strict guidelines), amidst the quarantine orders and shut-downs of many businesses.

Operating under all the safety guidelines and putting into place some extra measures of their own, WBB was able to not only buy the homeowner’s house at 5131 NE 31st Street in Lighthouse Point, Florida, they were able to do in record timing. Within 30 days, the homeowner walked away with cash in his pocket and a smile of relief on his face.

We Are Dedicated to Homeowners

We Buy Broward is a company dedicated to solving problems. Upholding the utmost in integrity every step of the way, they are pros when it comes to plowing through challenging situations, including the recent CoronaVirus pandemic. There is no mountain too high for We Buy Broward for they pride themselves on being mountain movers.

“We know that in trying times, our customers need us more than ever and we are honored to be able to help them,” stated a We Buy Broward company representative. “When they are just a number to some real estate enterprises, we feel differently. We know people are hurting and we are here to help. We are experts when it comes to overcoming life’s challenges.”

We Buy Broward maintains a 5-star rating and has tons of raving past and present customer reviews that are available online. They have an impeccable reputation and are highly accredited in the real estate industry. At a time when the only certainty is uncertainty, if you need (or want) to sell your home, be sure to see what the fine folks at We Buy Broward can do for you. You’ll be glad you did.

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