WBB Buys Miramar Home

WBB Buys Miramar Home

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There are times in life that it can feel like the roof is caving in. For the homeowner at 1171 SW 85th Terrace in Miramar, FL, it really was. The worst thing about the situation was that the woman needed to sell her home – and she needed to sell it quick.

Those who know anything about buying or selling a home know it’s next to impossible to buy a house with a bad roof. Even if you are getting a great deal and are willing to fix the roof yourself, financial institutions just don’t like to loan on homes where extensive repairs are needed. That’s where we come in.

At We Buy Broward, we’re in the business of rescuing homeowners like the one at 1171 SW 85th Terrace. Since we pay cash for our purchases, the bank or lending institution doesn’t stipulate which houses we can buy.

We are also in control of the length of time it takes to seal the deal too. While others are waiting around for the ever-so-slow loan process to run its course, we are able to close quickly – in mere weeks and sometimes, just days.

When you do business with us at We Buy Broward, you become family. We work hard to accommodate your needs. We had purchased a home from a client who not only needed to sell quickly, she also needed to buy something else right away too. We were able to buy the home and then purchase the home on SW 85th for her which was the saving grace for two of our clients, the buyer and the seller.

We aren’t the only cash home buying company in Florida. But, we are the number one trusted cash home buyer in the Broward and Miami Dade area. Unlike many home buying agencies, we operate with the utmost in integrity and give fair market value for every home we buy. We also purchase multi-tenant properties.

If the roof is caving in on you, literally or figuratively, reach out to us at We Buy Broward and see what we can do for you.

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