Zillow cancels all contracts over coronavirus concerns

Zillow cancels all contracts over coronavirus concerns

zillow cancels contracts

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken over the global economy and put a halt on many businesses. Zillow is in the same boat, it has recognized the concerns over the coronavirus and put stop to all existing contracts it currently has, leaving thousands of homeowners out of contracts.

Over a call last week, Co-Founder and CEO Rich Barton stated that Zillow would try to accommodate customers the best that they can, given the state of affairs.

“We are working with existing customers to cancel our existing contracts to the greatest extent we can. We’ll do this in a humane way,” Barton said. “This is clearly a material adverse change, so we’ll be taking that position and then evaluating, on a case-by-case basis, what we actually do and using some financial incentives to largely extricate – to hopefully largely extricate ourselves from those transactions.”

We Buy Broward is deeply concerned and cautious during the Covid-19 outbreak but will still operate normally to help South Florida homeowners during this troubling time. We can get you cash for your home and close on your timeline.

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